Madison Ruby has grown a reputation for being one of the best regional conferences around and as such people just want to be involved. We've built a great event and are now harvesting some of the hype that surrounds it. In usual Sapling Events style it's ... well, you'll see.

When & Where

Aug 22 from 7-11 PM

We're taking advantage of an iconic Madison space and hosting this event in the MMoCA rooftop sculpture garden, which offers outdoor artworks and a bird’s-eye view of the busy State Street pedestrian mall.

  • Madison Museum of Contemporary Art
  • 227 State St
  • Rooftop
  • Madison, WI 53703
  • Get Directions!

Musical Guests

We've dug into our bag of tricks and pulled out some top notch talent who will get the rooftop moving to close-out our evening.

Dying to know who's going to be on-hand? We'll announce our first musical guest after we raise $500 for Nairobi Dev School.

Woah. Awesome!

You've unlocked all the the musical guests! All that's left to unlock are those speakers down there.


The speakers involved are well known and come from near and far. They'll share life experiences, technical stories, and cultural successes & failures.

Dying to know who's going to be speaking? We'll announce a speaker after we raise $800 for Nairobi Dev School and each $300 thereafter.


Just when you thought you had unlocked all the the speakers, a Boss appears! He has 600 hit points. When we hit $3000 our final speaker will be announced!


But don't stop now ...

All the perks available contribute 100% of your money directly to #NairobiDevSchool.